Legislative Report from Political Solutions and Opposition to Measure C Rent Control

Click here for the report from Political Solutions on housing legislative efforts and failures for 2020 and upcoming potential changes in the members of the Senate and Assembly in 2021.  Due in part to the virus, our 2 major bills to defer impact fees on affordable projects up to 120% AMI rents and to exempt such projects from property taxes never got to a vote so we will revisit these bills in 2021.  On the more positive side, Gov. Newsom kept the $500 million in new state credit in his budget and continues to push for cost efficiency as part of his effort to increase affordable production.  Regrettably, given the virus problems and budget deficit, the Governor pulled back some $250 million in GAP loans for CalHFA in the coming years.

In addition to the CCAH opposition to Prop. 21 rent control initiative, attached is an editorial piece in opposition to Measure C Rent Control initiative in Sacramento that CCAH has co-authored and is published in the Sacramento Bee.

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